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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is aligned with the “Principles and Matters” from the Early Learning and Child Care Act as per the Government of Alberta regulations. Our core values include:

  • Providing a safe & caring learning environment for all children

  • Recognition & celebration of diversity

  • Learning through play

  • Literacy & numeracy development

  • Incorporating opportunities for building gross & fine motor skills

  • Maintaining expectations of family involvement in child’s learning/development

Current Openings

Bilingual Level 1 Early Childhood Educator


Job Details

Pay: From $15 an hour
Job type: Full-time, Permanent
Shift & schedule: Monday to Friday

Taiyo Early Childhood Education Centre is looking for passionate, enthusiastic, and play-focused Early Childcare Professionals to  work in our childcare centre in Acme, Alberta. Taiyo Early Childhood Education Centre is located approximately 1 hour  northeast of Calgary, and we are opening to meet the high demand for childcare in Acme and its surrounding communities. Our focus is learning through play with literacy, numeracy and STEAM based experiences. We are actively seeking a Spanish and English bilingual Level 1 Early Childhood Educator.


  •  ECE Level 1 required

  •  Fluent in English and Spanish (written and spoken)

  •  Canadian Government-recognized CPR and First Aid Certification

  •  Criminal Record Check, Child Welfare Check & Vulnerable Sector Check

Duties and Responsibilities:
- Create a safe and comfortable environment for the children based on the knowledge of each child’s growth and development patterns. Ensure each child’s uniqueness is respected and their individual needs are met.
- Assist the Director and/or Assistant-Director as required in creating age-appropriate programs for the children. Assist in planning and preparing appropriate educational materials.
- Provide Spanish-language programming and create resources to support both Spanish and English language development.
- Interact with Spanish-speaking parents and guardians to ensure families are well-supported, concerns are heard and addressed, and provide important information in both Spanish and English (e.g. social media translations, newsletters etc.).
- Recommend a selection of toys and equipment. Ensure toys are used appropriately and by the age groups for which they were intended.

- Supervise group activities and ensure the health, safety, and development of children.
- Direct and discipline children in a consistent manner that maintains the child’s self esteem.
- Consult with the Director on any issues with children, staff, or guardians.
- Participate in staff meetings and professional development training programs.
- Take part in daily cleaning of the facilities and weekly responsibilities of cleaning toys, laundry, mats, and cubbies.
- Report injuries on the Accident Report Form. Keep guardians informed of any injuries sustained by their child throughout the day.
- Keep the lines of communication open with guardians regarding a child’s daily behavior.
- Spend “time alone” sessions with each child (whenever possible) to foster the development of skills, relationships, and self-esteem and to prevent over-stimulation from long hours of group living.
- Participate in a semi-annual performance review.
- Complete staff survey.
- Responsible for initiating all Program Planning.
- Maintain and do a safety check list when opening the Centre.
- Stay current with health and safety regulations.
- Maintain an up-to-date first aid certificate.
- Help review children's meals to meet nutritional guidelines.
- Ensure a stimulating developmentally appropriate environment.
- Other duties as assigned.

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