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Learning Areas

Unique Learning Spaces

Daycare Center

Quiet Play

Our quiet corner is where you will find a variety of books, including picture books and non-fiction, as well as quiet activities that children are welcome to freely explore. This area with soft furnishings is a place children can come to when they need a quiet moment to themselves, or a place they can come with a friend to explore together. Children are encouraged to respect others' need for a calm, quiet space to relax, encouraging self-awareness, self-management and practicing mindfulness.

Messy Play

Our messy play room is where you will find our water and sand play, as well as some of our messier sensory experiences. During messy play children explore science and math, while building their fine motor skills, promoting their creativity, developing their communication and social skills and encountering many different sensory experiences.

Kid Painting
Building a Robot

Constructive Play

Our constructive play area is where you will find our blocks and building materials. A space where children use their problem solving, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and small and gross motor skills in imaginative or pretend play.

Creative Play

Our creative play area is where you will find our open ended art materials. Children are encouraged to create and explore our art and craft materials, focussing on the process of art, rather than the product. Having open access to art materials allows children to build their fine motor skills, explore cause and effect, gain a sense of responsibility for materials and express themselves through their work while allowing children to enter the highest level of creative thinking.

Playing with Slime

Sensory Play

Sensory play comes in many different forms, exploring using all of our senses helps children grow and learn. In our center sensory play could be playing in a water or sand table, manipulating play-dough or goop, exploring a light table or digging in the dirt outside. Sensory play, much like messy play, promotes cognitive development in children, it builds their fine motor skills, encourages social skills and promotes creativity while building a foundation of math and science knowledge.

Manipulative Play

Our manipulative play area, or table top toys, is where you will see children playing with a wide variety of toys including, dolls, cars, puzzles, sorting materials, loose parts, dinosaurs, animals and more. Manipulative play helps children build fine-motor and problem solving skills, allows children creative expression and builds on math concepts such as matching, pattern recognition, and classification.

Kids in Preschool
Kids Playing with Balloons

Large Group Play

Large group play encourages social interaction between children of different ages, allowing older children to role model for younger children, gain communication skills, learn teamwork and grow fine and gross motor skills. Large group play can take place in the classroom, or out on walks around the community while visiting parks and green space.

Imaginative Play

Our imaginative play area is where you will find dress-up, puppets, dolls and our kitchen center. A space where children use their imaginations to learn language and communication skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, and gain social confidence while playing with others. Children also role play during imaginative play, allowing them to explore real life concepts and scenarios, and gain skills they can use in day-to-day life.

Kids with Capes
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