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Our Goals

Play. Learn. Grow.


To help children develop and grow their literacy skills through communication, storytelling, songs and rhymes, as well as literacy exposure through play.


To help children develop and grow their numeracy skills through play

experiences that support counting, sorting, shape recognition, patterns, and problem solving.


To expose children to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math activities within our center through play-based experiences that will help develop skills and knowledge and allow children time for exploration, observation, questioning and investigating.

Social & Community

To help children feel a sense of belonging, comfortable in the center, trust their environment and educators, and make friends. To feel connected to the community, and allow the community to play a part in the growth and development of the children.


To help children build self-confidence, independence, self-control and a positive outlook on life.


To help children become confident learners, while developing their reasoning,thinking and understanding skills, through self-guided exploration, questioning and play.

Creativity & Arts

To encourage and allow children to be imaginative thinkers and express themselves creatively in open-ended art exploration that focuses and places a high value on the creative process.


To help children develop and grow their large and fine motor skills, so they can grow to be confident in their bodies and their abilities.

Outdoor Learning

To help children develop a love for nature and the outdoors, exposing children to all seasons and allowing them time to explore natural materials and get messy. Outdoor learning will also help create a sense of community and allow interactions with others outside our center.

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